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A voice for your story, and advocate for your cause

Do you have a story that you have been dying to tell? Do you have a message that the world needs to hear? Are you convinced that the world would be better off knowing what you know but you have no idea where the heck to begin? Then look no further. From biographies to resignation letters, instructional manuals to problem resolution, we have an option and voice that will fit your need.

Book Reviews

100% honest feedback

Ever write a book or article and struggle with getting people to leave a review for it? We all know that most people will not buy something that has not been reviewed unless you are pricing below its worth, so why not give yourself a leg up. Disclaimer here: Ethically, we cannot leave good reviews if the work is subpar, but we are committed to identifying all of the ways to elevate it to that level. If you are willing to do your part, so are we!

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Letter Writing

Researching and Writing

Ever have a terrible experience with a store, restaurant or other service establishment and walk out feeling like your voice wasn't heard? At penforhirenyc we specialize in writing all types of letters with the goal of getting you compensated for the issue or achieving whatever outcome you desire.

Our Most popular options are:

  • ​Complaint letters

  • Query letters

  • Credit Dispute letters

  • Reference letters